Running the Scottish Poppy Appeal

I have just read the article which appears on page 6 of last week’s paper.

As someone who has for many years been involved with the Earl Haig Fund and Poppy Scotland as a volunteer I feel it important to write to you to correct a possible misunderstanding.

The article, in paragraph 21, appears to give the impression in stating “Fundraising remains an important part of the Legion life, be it for Erskine or the Gurkhas, and the Legion’s collection for the Scottish Poppy Appeal remains the charity’s single biggest contribution” that RBLS runs the Scottish Poppy Appeal.

In fact, as I am sure you are aware, the Scottish Poppy Appeal is run by Poppy Scotland (formerly the Earl Haig Fund) and the poppies are manufactured at the Lady Haig Poppy Factory, mainly by disabled ex-service people. The Royal British Legion runs the Poppy Appeal south of the border.

Major Alasdair H. McVitie

High Road