Rulewater Flower Show

The 128th Rulewater Flower Show took place in the William Laidlaw Memorial Hall in Bonchester Bridge on Sunday, September 7.

There was a wide selection of exhibits at the show, ranging from flowers and vegetables to home-baking, photography, floral art, handicrafts and wood turning.

The children’s entries were especially imaginative, as well as creatively presented, and it was evident that much effort on behalf of children, parents and teachers had gone into the making of the work on display.

The WRI section was particularly topical as its theme was, ‘Scotland,’ highly appropriate in this referendum year. The quality of the WRI exhibits was outstanding in this respect, drawing much favourable comment from visitors to the show.

The show was opened by Councillor Stuart Marshall, Provost of Hawick. He was presented with a gift by Ashleigh Glen, the winner of the cup for the girl with most points in children’s classes. Mr Marshall is pictured with Stephen Smith (President of Rulewater Horticultural Society), and Ashleigh.

The Society President, Stephen Smith, thanked Provost Marshall, the chairman, secretary and all office bearers, as well as committee members for all their hard work in organising the show.

He also thanked the children and staff of Hobkirk Primary School, parents of children who took part and all those who had helped to make the show a success once again.

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