Royal Burgh tops for dressing up

There was plenty of fun and excitement in Lauder on Wednesday night during the common riding fancy dress parade.

Popular themes this year were Lauder in Bloom, and, not surprisingly, the Commonwealth Games.

Lauder fancy dress 2014.

Lauder fancy dress 2014.

Results – Under-5 boys: 1, Hector Emmerson (Lauder ploughing champion); 2, Nairn Marshall (Milky Bar Kid); 3, Innes Strangeways (mini Cornet). Girls: 1, Mogen McRitchie (Clydes Lass); 2, Rhianon Dick (mini Braw Lass) 3, Jaya Faichney (Bearer of the Roses).

Boys 5 and 6: 1, Road Marshall (Clyde Commonwealth Mascot); 2, AAron Cuthbert (Shell Suit Boab); 3, Lewis Brown (Lea Perrins sauce bottle). Girls: 1, Petra Willan (Lauder in Bloom); 2, Elsa Williams (Lauder Common Riding rosette); 3, Lexi Craig (Flat Cat).

Boys 7-9: 1, James Maguire (Parrot); 2, Lewis Jeffs (Scottish Space School); 3, Cameron Cooper (40th birthday cake). Girls: 1, Gracie Williams (Lauder swallow); 2, Mirin Cleghorn (Jelly Belly); 3, Hannah Cully (Nanny of Yesteryear).

Couples Under-10: 1, Lauren and Anna Batchelor (Bassets Allsorts); 2, Max and Leo Lennox (Yes/No Campaign); 3, Logan Greig and Erin Herbert (Mickie and Minnie Mouse).

Lauder fancy dress 2014.

Lauder fancy dress 2014.

Groups Under-10: 1,Wyndhead Steading Crew (Blooming Marvellous); 2, Lauder Nursery (Louise’s Lads and Lasses; 3, Sylvie Young and friends (Lauder’s Bolts of Lightening).

Boys 10-15: 1, Ellis Wilkinson (Waterin’ Stane); 2, Oliver Scott (New Zealand Hakka); 3 Duncan Little (Eagle). Girls : 1, Kirsty Gibb (Clockwork doll); 2, Jennifer Little (Black Bull); 3, Abigail Anderson (Lauder in Bloom).

Couples 10-15: 1, Verity McBride and Anna Mirley (Pringles); 2, Joshua and Axel (118 118); 3, Petra Willan and Abigail Anderson (Lauder in Bloom).

Groups 10-15: The Craigs (Lauder Animal Eateries).

Lauder fancy dress 2014.

Lauder fancy dress 2014.

Family Group: 1, Wilkinson (Bella The Old Dairy Coo); 2, Kunkell (Lauder in Bloom); 3, Millar (Bill, Ben and Weed).

Best dressed lady : Sandy Boa (Charlie Chaplin); 2, Kerry Broughton (Long Lost Pussy Cat); 3, Clair and Amanda (I’m Frozen). Gent : 1, Isabel MacRae (Network Rail Worker); 2, Brett (South African Rugby); 3 (=) Craig Scott (Thunderbird) and Mike Whellans (Smailholm Airport).

Adults couples: 1, Nigel and Stewart (Lauder in Bloom); 2, Nicky Thomson and Leanne Gillie (Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream) 3, Robert and Jackie Millar (Bill and Ben).

Adults groups : 1, Louise Wilson and friends (Cornet McConnell Had a Farm ); 2, Gail Millar and friends (Lauder in Bloom); 3(=) Flora McLeod and friends (Frozen Food) and Linda Wilson and friends (Gypsies).

Best vehicle : 1, Nod Wilson and co (Poopsies Pow Wow); 2, Lauder Ex-Cornets (Gospel Choir); 3, Ettrick and Lauderdale Young Farmers (Lambing Live).