Round-Scotland cycle trio hit their £5,000 target

THE shepherd, dyker and teacher who cycled round Scotland in the summer to raise awareness of climate change and money for Burkina Faso have hit their target.

Kelso freelance shepherd Arthur Cross said the trio had raised £5,000 which has been matchfunded by the EU up to £20,000 for Christian Aid’s climate change projects in the country rated the seventh poorest in the world.

The cash will go to help rural communities in Burkina Faso be trained and equipped to adapt sand dunes to increase crops yields and rear and care for livestock.

Thanking everyone who had helped, Mr Cross said: “It’s very strange to think of the world heating up if you are out in the sub-zero temperatures we’ve had recently, but this sort of weather in this part of the world might become the norm here as well as more prolonged drought in the likes of Burkina Faso making survival all but impossible.”