Rotary heralds bright future

After an absence of 11 years, the Rotary Club of Selkirk has returned to the County Hotel.

Soon a bright new Rotary plaque will adorn the 18th- century hotel premises to herald a bright new chapter in the history of this 26-year-old club.

For it’s not only venues that are changing in Rotary, but attitudes and codes of practice. Clubs, such as Selkirk, have championed many causes over the years and are on the look out to enlist new champions.

The Selkirk club has also changed it meeting time to 6pm for 6.30pm.

An innovative membership campaign has been launched and on February 23 — Rotary International Awareness Day worldwide — the club is holding the first in a series of ‘Awareness Nights.’ Invited guests will be told all about Rotary, what makes it tick and the qualities that it takes to be a part of this organisation.

But the main quality is a desire to help communities and people.

If anyone feels they can contribute to this, ring Rotarian Les Rutherford on 01750 20974 and he’ll provide details.

And as part of an action packed day, Rotarians are also visiting local schools in the area talking about Rotary and its worldwide project ‘End Polio Now.’

Classes will hear how close the organisation is to eradicating this crippling disease and about the countries that Rotary helps.

The Rotary Club of Selkirk has a past to be proud of, but has its sights set on a future to be envied.