Road salt remarks leave bitter taste

Scottish Borders Council leader David Parker should be ashamed of his comments that the region will just have to make do with the supplies of road salt it has and ration what is there.

What about the emergency back-up held by government for just such an emergency? Of course I understand that these supplies are more expensive, but what price does he put on our safety and ability to move around the region?

The difference between the treatment of our roads compared to those of adjacent councils is very apparent. Travelling from Edinburgh through Midlothian, the main roads are well treated and black, but as soon as you cross into SBC territory you are met by compacted ice and slush which poses a real threat as it freezes.

Mind you, Christmas Eve is probably a good time for local politicians to bury any bad news.

Let’s hope that common sense prevails and that the region gets more supplies immediately and Mr Parker follows the example of former transport minister Stewart Stevenson and resigns over his neglect and complacency.

Ron Hutchison

Victoria Crescent