Road safety improvements must include demand for seatbelt in buses

As a regular bus user on the A7 I write to applaud Isobel Hutchison’s continuing efforts and Councillor Aitchison’s recent plea to the Scottish Government’s Transport Minister for improved safety to prevent further loss of life on this dangerous road (How many lives must be lost before A7 safety is improved? Southern Reporter Thurs, October 18).

Whilst car drivers and their passengers can at least belt up to lessen the chance of injury, the lack of seatbelts on buses puts passengers at untold risk.

The risk of an accident involving a bus travelling at speed on the A7 must be high – the consequences for unrestrained passengers could be unimaginable.

I know from experience of a school coach crash in France earlier this year in which my granddaughter was involved that the fatality and serious injuries were to those not wearing seatbelts and thrown from the coach.

Passengers using public transport are entitled to expect the highest levels of safety and I suggest that the non-provision of seatbelts on these buses is quite unacceptable.

Rosie Jones,

Abbotsford Road, Darnick