Rippling road surface fears

Concerns have been raised by a Stow resident about the condition of ‘anti-skid surfaces’ on the A7 north of Heriot and on the A68 Carter Bar.

Michael Boyle has called on the relevant authorities to take immediate action to sort the ‘rippling’ effect that has been created by the wearing of the surface.

Mr Boyle said: “Councils are facing unprecedented legal claims from the public for damaged vehicles, bikes and medical bills due to potholes and faded white lines, but this problem with the anti-skid wear, I think, should be made high priority to either re-surface these bends with new anti-skid resin or remove the old resin altogether and return it back to a Tarmac surface.

“At least if it’s Tarmac it won’t give oncoming drivers the illusion that they are driving into a well surfaced and enhanced gripped corner rather than a rippling death trap.”

A spokeswoman for Bear Scotland, which is responsible for the A68, said: “An investigation has been undertaken into the anti-skid surface near Carter Bar on the A68.

“As a result, improvement works are proposed to be carried out during the current financial year. No specific timeframe has been set as yet.”

Responding to Mr Boyle’s concerns, an SBC spokesman said, about the section on the A7: “We carry out weekly reviews and no major issues have been highlighted through this process.”