Right to vote – wherever member comes from

After two consecutive weeks of articles and letters in your paper regarding Falahill, I feel for only the second time in nearly four years the need to respond.

I know planning is a very emotive subject and you can never please everyone.

I read the planning papers in detail and listened to the evidence on the day, and I gave a decision I felt was right. I appreciate some people are not happy, but that will always be the case with planning matters.

What concerns me, however, is some members of the public and one elected member who are questioning my right to have an opinion or vote as I do not live in the area and don’t use the road regularly.

What exactly did they want me to do – abstain. Or are they saying you can only have an opinion if you agree with us.

I am the Kelso representative on the planning committee and, like all local members, our views are respected on local matters by the rest of the committee and the local member always leads the debate.

But that is no guarantee of success, nor should it. You have to go on the evidence in front of you and make your mind up, and accept the verdict of the committee members, regardless of where they come from.

Tom Weatherston

(councillor for Kelso

and District)