Rethink waste collections

I read the article about Mike Orr on the front page of last week’s Southern and fully agree with him that the discontinuation of the collection of green waste in the Borders is a retrograde step.

He is quite right that people will fill their black bins with garden waste which will go to landfill at great cost to the council, and offering composters is not the answer.

If this is being introduced by national legislation then it will be one of the dafter laws introduced by the Scottish Government (and there have been a few).

I fully agree with food waste collection from commercial premises, but I cannot fathom out how it will work for households. The thought of food waste in a bin collected every two weeks in hot weather does not bear thinking about. I have great sympathy for the refuse collectors who will have to do the job.

I think the council should, via the Convention of Scottish Local Authorities, go back to the government and demand a rethink.

Jack Watt

Castle Street