Renouncing the country of one’s birth

Quite apart from the fact that I agree with almost all of what Peter Neilson had to say in his letter of November 1, I would point out to Richard West (letters, November 8) that Mr Neilson was writing in good faith, giving his opinion on the subject matter.

Mr West should remember what Voltaire said all those years ago, which holds up equally well today. If he doesn’t know the quotation, then perhaps he should contact myself, or even try Google.

Mr West states that “all the facts advanced by the xenophobes need to be approached with extreme caution”, neglecting to add that graft and corruption in the EEC is such that the accounts haven’t been signed off for some 17 years.

Mr West denigrates the “evil empire” of America, “now in decline”. He ignores the fact that but for the “evil empire” we would probably be even more involved in Europe than we are today, but under the German jackboot.

My wife, who is English, took exception to some of his remarks with reference to his former homeland, but I gather by studying some of his previous letters that he is unable to communicate normally without a liberal sprinkling of insulting and bombastic comments.

Apart from a few communist sympathisers, I cannot think of anyone who has so thoroughly renounced the country of his birth, apart from William Joyce. Should he be rewarded by our beloved leader with elevation to the peerage on gaining “independence”, then “Lord Haw Haw of Inch Park” has rather a nice ring to it.

Incidentally, is the compiler of the “intelligent and perceptive letter”, Alex Orr, the same serial letter writer who stood as SNP candidate for Holyrood in 2003 and 2007? Pick up any paper, national or local, and you will probably find a contribution.

Should the SNP really be given this amount of back-door media coverage?

It amuses me to think of what the terrible twosome, Orr and West, will do with their spare time when “wee Eck’s” dreams of independence are finally shattered in 2014. Watch endless recordings of “Braveheart” or emigrate to Luxembourg?

D. McKenzie