Removal process approved

After the successful removal of a caravan and two trailers from Elm Row, the council has approved a procedure to get vehicles causing an obstruction, or which have been abandoned, moved or disposed of.

According to a report before the meeting of the environment and infrastructure committee, the first step of this now approved process was sufficient to get the owner of the vehicles left in Elm Row to remove them.

Councillor Gordon Edgar, committee chairman, welcomed the move.

He said: “The new procedure has been put in place, not only to address the number of complaints received from Borders residents about these nuisance vehicles, but also to ensure that the council can recover from owners the costs of removal and storage.

“The council’s new procedure is a reasonable one, but I would encourage anyone who owns a vehicle that may have been inappropriately parked for some time to move it to avoid having it uplifted and disposed of.”

The approved four-step process, which includes letters to the owner, legal notices and uplift and disposal of the vehicle, has been devised to provide sufficient notice to owners of nuisance vehicles of their need to remove them and find a more suitable location for storage.