Region’s most pampered employees

Your article, “Report urges perks for SBC staff”, published last week prompted me to check it wasn’t April 1.But, amazingly, it wasn’t a joke.

The country is in recession, council tax is frozen and basic services have been cut, yet the employees enjoying the best conditions of employment in the Borders are in line for yet more perks.

Any responsible organisation would be looking at reducing the perks mostly enjoyed by the white collar workers. They should be actively encouraged to seek employment in the private sector and replaced with staff prepared to accept terms prevailing in the “real” world.

Working from home is encouraged, along with flexi-time. It would appear the policy on attendance is: Pop in if it doen’t affect your social life.

All this nonsense is funded by many folk who have to work shifts, weekends and all types of unsocial working hours.Without access to significant pension or holiday entitlement, it’s derogatory to them if the most pampered employees in the community are deemed to be worthy of yet more perks.

It is cuts in overheads we need, not increases. If this is the way SBC uses our funds, it doesn’t bode well for the future.

Mr G. Holford

Queens Drive