Rebuilding required for A7 and A68

The A7 doesn’t need cleaned of mud – it needs completely rebuilt, and so does the A68.

Regardless of the construction of the Galashiels railway, traffic flows on these roads – both commercial and private – will continue to increase.

The volume the A68 is carrying is well beyond its capacity. Lengthy queues are normal. As a trunk road it is a disgrace. It is a mess of noisy surfaces, patches and broken anti-skid coatings.

The works to widen it at the Oxton junction, where numerous accidents have occurred over the years, has been scrapped, while the widening works which were supposed to have been carried out between the Tynehead road end and Pathhead have been put forward into the distant future.

As the Institute of Economic Affairs has recently reported, every strategic road scheme has a benefit cost 10 times higher than the Galashiels railway. So why isn’t money being spent to upgrade the A68 and A7? Is this part of the Galashiels railway master plan – allow the A7 and A68 to deteriorate to make bus travel painful and so boost numbers using the railway?

Bill Loneskie