Realities of epilepsy

A survey by Quarriers has revealed public attitudes remain in the dark ages regarding epilepsy.

Epilepsy Scotland has long recognised this persistent gap in knowledge and understanding, particularly around employment issues.

Working with occupational health consultants, we have produced a guide on epilepsy and occupational health.

This guide offers best advice and is equally valuable to employers, employees and HR professionals.

We believe putting this simple tool into practice will improve the job prospects of thousands of people affected by seizures. We offer the guide free of charge in the knowledge the benefits it brings to the workplace and workforce will be invaluable.

Our national charity also tackles the social impact of epilepsy. As a result of our joint work, the police and law agencies are better informed to respond to someone having a seizure. Greater awareness will reduce the feeling of being socially isolated experienced by so many.

So let’s not take ages until public perceptions change, the stigma of epilepsy ends and we can all live in enlightened times. For a free guide call 0808 800 2200 or visit www.epilepsyscotland.

Allana Parker,

Public Affairs Officer

Epilepsy Scotland