Raising safety concerns

We are valid objectors to the play park for Earlston proposal and do not take kindly to being labelled as selfish by the village’s community development trust.

No one is objecting to the principle of a play park in Earlston, merely the identified location, which is on the very outskirts of the village. Children will have to cross a major trunk road – the A68 – and play near a fast-flowing river in a secluded, isolated location.

To us, this does not represent selfish behaviour, but a genuine concern for the safety of the youth of Earlston.

Despite what the trust claims, many village residents knew nothing of this project, bearing in mind it is applying for around £300,000 on behalf of Earlston.

The questionnaires which were issued were passed to a small number of residents, to whom a positive response would be most likely.

We are appalled that Scottish Borders Council, in these times of austerity, is able to find more than £25,000 to purchase a small area of land to satisfy the wants of a minority group when other essential services are being cut left, right and centre.

We suggest that a more appropriate site would be in a more central location, perhaps the old high school site that the council already owns.

A. and K. Richardson