Rail prices could be just the ticket

This week, rail bosses unveiled the timetable and ticket fares for the Borders railway.

The fare structure, coupled with the fact that there will be half-hourly trains during peak times and an hourly service on Sunday, is good news.

And while the price of a one-way ticket at £9.10 from Galashiels may seem a little steep when compared to the current £6.80 for a bus fare into Edinburgh, it does appear to be in line with fares elsewhere on the network.

There have been many doubters on this long journey to reinstate the railway, but it’s coming, so let’s work together to make the most of it – for our region and for all who live here.

Instead of moaning about the number of people who may or may not use it, or the fact passengers will use it to commute, let’s also look at the investment it may attract in terms of housebuilding and new business, and also for retailers here already who would benefit from families living and shopping in the central Borders.

And motorists will surely agree that taking the train could be cheaper and more relaxing than driving into the city, if not for all journeys, for some, what with the cost of petrol, wear and tear on your car, and the hassle of navigating the capital’s roads, only to pay a fortune for parking.

Reality is many things to many people, but let’s make the reality of the railway a positive one for the Borders.