Questions for No campaign

The No campaign’s response to the Scottish Government’s 670-page White Paper was, sadly, as expected.

We are all getting used to their ridiculous scare stories and threats. Many of us even have a favourite. Mine is the thought of border guards at Carter Bar.

They forget we have seen a lot of this before – in 1979 and 1997. A great deal has changed since then. Scotland is a different place.

As one of the authors of the Devo Plus proposal and someone who gave evidence to the Calman Commission, I know there is no likelihood of substantial tax, fiscal and welfare powers being devolved to the Scottish Parliament if we vote No. Westminster had its chance and all we got was the Scotland Act 2012.

It is time for the No campaign to stop acting like a petulant child. You may not like the answers being given, but at least listen to them.

You may also want to consider answering a few questions – for example, on the UK Government’s plan to hold an EU referendum, the future of the Barnett Formula and further powers for the Scottish Parliament.

James Aitken

Craw Wood