Putting off passengers?

The situation at Galashiels temporary bus station looks fragile. It could be 18 months before the railway and transport interchange open, and even in the short term the forecast for the coming winter is forbiddingly bad.

The buses are now concentrated on seven stances, on a road which still has through car and van traffic, and the central building and waiting room (the old bus station) – as well as adequate waiting and parking space – are 50 yards or more away. The stances have shelters, but no proper seats, and can only cover about eight people.

What will the consequences be of even moderate snowfall?

Remember also that Galashiels is a driver changeover point for First Bus, where delays are inevitable.

Weather apart, what will things be like if and when construction starts?

Do we want a situation where public transport users are put off bus and train by temporary accommodation as inadequate – and possibly dangerous – as this?

Christopher Harvie

High Cross Avenue