Putting bus firm staff back on road to work

It was a great shame to hear that Munro’s of Jedburgh recently ceased trading. For many years the firm has helped run several key routes in the Borders and although it was due to hand over several of these at the beginning of August, it was disappointing to see them close.

My immediate thoughts are with the staff of the company who are now facing great uncertainty, and for those who could potentially be stranded without their local bus running.

Thankfully, a contingency plan was quickly organised to cover the old routes and some of the staff who were left without a job are expected to be taken on by firms who have picked up the new routes.

In the meantime, however, top priority must be to ensure that those who are facing unemployment are provided with adequate support to ensure that they can get back into work as soon as possible.


The Scottish Government recently announced that it would be denying thousands of tenants in Scotland the chance to buy the property they are renting.

The right-to-buy policy was first introduced by the Conservative Government in 1980 and helped almost half a million people to own their home for the first time. It gave them a financial security that simply wasn’t possible before, and it is staggering that the SNP would choose to reverse it.

As a result, almost 300,000 people who would currently qualify for the scheme will be losing out.


I have been contacted by several constituents from Newmill complaining about the bus stop in the village.

It is used by many elderly residents who catch the bus to Hawick, yet despite this there is no shelter or seating on offer. When traffic often travels through the area at a high speed, and with the last few winters having been very cold and wet, I believe that the least the council can do is provide a shelter.

The local authority already does so at several stops around the region, and that is why I wrote to the council asking for the issue to be investigated.

With many elderly people using the route, it is even more important that something is done to ensure that they are given a place to rest with adequate protection.


The UK Government has reiterated its desire to see the A1 improved between Newcastle and the border.

While it is prioritising the upgrade of this key transport link, the SNP Government is still dragging its feet.

While other roads in Scotland continue to see further investment, the SNP continues to ignore the Borders.