Putting brakes on green taxes

I noted with interest pertinent points raised by Struan Stevenson (Scottish Conservative MEP) and Michael Wilson in the letters pages of your October 10 issue.

While Struan was highlighting the hypocrisy of Labour on the basis of an assessment from the Taxpayers’ Alliance on green subsidies, Michael expressed his surprise at the contradictory (or even hypocritical) basis of the SNP/Green Party alliance.

There is but one common route leading to all of this hypocrisy, and it lies within the European Union’s Energy De-carbonisation Strategy – a strategy which is fully endorsed by Labour, Liberal Democrats, Conservative, Green and, yes, even the Scottish National Party.

Struan may wish to wax lyrical on these green taxes that fall heaviest on those less able to pay, or that these taxes highlight a dangerous risk to our energy supply from the EU’s continued support for a failed and unscientific Climate Change Theory.

However, unless Struan is prepared to address the very real issues within his own Conservative Party, a party which also supports these problems at their root in both the EU and Westminster, it is hard not to conclude that he is simply blowing in the wind.

Michael may already be aware that the SNP’s MEP candidates have been hand in glove with the green agenda at the European level for some time now, and we should all note that this is something that is unlikely to change, regardless of which of the old failed parties provides our First Minister and irrespective of a Yes or No vote in Alex Salmond’s referendum next year.

The only party in the UK which will vote to stop green taxes on your electricity and gas bills is UKIP.

Steven McKeane

Ellwyn Terrace