Pupils prove a class act at Earlston

Earlston Flower Show prize winners
Earlston Flower Show prize winners

EARLSTON Flower Show, held in the primary school, was blessed by fine weather, and well supported by both exhibitors and spectators.

There were particularly fine displays of begonias and the vegetable section was also keenly contested. In the industrial classes, high-calibre entries again caused the judges much deliberation.

The children’s section also proved ever-popular, with many imaginative entries. Youngsters from all the primary school classes excelled in producing a fine display of handwriting and coloured drawings, which decorated the hall.

Chairman George Goodfellow opened proceedings and thanked both exhibitors and the public for their support. Prizes were presented by Elspeth Watson (North Sorrowlessfield) who received a basket of flowers presented on behalf of the local horticultural society by Eileen Cockburn.

Trophy winners – best cut flower exhibit (excepting floral art classes) – Mr D. Rodgerson; best sweet pea – Mr J. Greer; outstanding exhibit in cut flower section excluding society’s Challenge Cup (excepting floral art classes) – Mr B. Anderson; best exhibit in gladioli in classes 37, 38 and 39 – Mr B. Anderson; best one vase small cactus dahlias exhibit – Mr D. Rodgerson; best cut bloom in begonia classes – Mr K. Jeffrey; four begonia heads shown on a board – Mr K. Jeffrey.

Floral art – Dr Lachlan Campbell Memorial Challenge Trophy for best exhibit in class 45 – Mrs R. Thorburn; best container of cut flowers for table decoration – Mrs B. Turnbull; most points in floral display classes – Mrs R. Thorburn.

Pot plants – best exhibit – Mr J. Mihulka.

Vegetables – best exhibit – Mr D. Kellett; best carrot exhibits, including vegetable collections – Mr D. Kellett; best collection of potatoes – Mr J. Mercer; four onions grown from sets – Mr J. Mercer; best onion exhibit – Mr G. Goodfellow.

Industrial – most points – Mr H. Smith; most points (WRI members only) – Mrs H. Smith; most points in handicrafts – Mrs H. Smith

Photographic – most outstanding print (senior) – Mrs B. Greer; most outstanding print (children) – A. Stephens.

Children – best exhibit – A Stephens; most points – C. Hughes; best example of handwriting returned from Earlston Primary School – M. Andrews.

Best window box, tub or container in the High Street or East End area of Earlston – Mrs F. Thom; most outstanding exhibit in show, excluding classes floral art classes – Mr K. Jeffrey.

The George Wilson Memorial Trophy, awarded at the chairman’s discretion, to an exhibitor who has made an outstanding contribution across the show –Mr K. Jeffrey.