Public support putting Haining back on map

On behalf of The Haining volunteers, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the people of Selkirk and the wider community for their support and attendance at The Haining in the last few months.

The Children’s Book and Storytelling Festival, Christmas Fayre, Anthology Launch and Carols by Candlelight have all been a great success and have all proved very popular.

The chimneys have recently been professionally cleaned by Mr M. Brown of Hawick which has meant that heating the house can now be done using the fireplaces which is a lot more cost efficient. Carpets have been donated by Keith McClean and NGT of Selkirk, with Euan Barrowclough of Border Office Supplies helping with a laminator to meet volunteers’ needs.

Vegetation has been removed from the arches at the entrance with the gates being removed to be cleaned and repaired.

A Christmas hamper was donated by the manager of Sainsbury’s in Selkirk, Ian Childs, which was raffled off at the fayre. A noticeboard has been placed in Sainsbury’s which will feature upcoming events and a status report on the house.

James Swinton & Company continues with the conversion of the stables courtyard to create the workshops and studios and it is still anticipated that this contract will be completed during the summer of next year.

The Poem for The Haining competition took place at The Children’s Book and Storytelling Festival with congratulations to the following – titles group A, Thomas Fraser, age four, “The Cheesy Larder”; group B, Sam Lawrie, age seven, “Cheddar Loft on the Loch”; group C, Marnie Davidson, age 10, “Cheesy Fleas”.

The Haining is slowly but surely coming alive again, but this is only being achieved by the support that it has received from the general public, which is very much appreciated.

We are always on the lookout for new volunteers, so if you wish to join please feel free to contact us by approaching a member at the next event.

The Haining volunteers and trustees