Proud to be a Tory MSP for the Borders

I write in reply to the letter which appeared in last week’s Southern from W. Smith who claims that I am trying to pull the wool over the electorate’s eyes regarding my political allegiance.

My parliamentary office in Hawick High Street is for my work as the local MSP for Roxburgh and Berwickshire. As such it would be completely against parliamentary rules for me to display any party name or logo on the office. The purpose of my office is to help any of my constituents, regardless of who they voted for.

I was proud to have been elected as the Scottish Conservative and Unionist MSP for our area in 2007.

I am sure that the vast majority of Borderers are well aware of my political persuasion.

John Lamont

I write in reply to W. Smith’s letter questioning MSP John Lamont’s lack of Conservative logos and blue paint on his Hawick shop.

More worryingly to me is Mr Smith’s belief that the Tory party is responsible for the decimation of Hawick’s knitwear industry and the forthcoming loss of 500,000 public sector jobs.

Mr Smith, you seriously need to wake up and smell the coffee.

Niall Whyte