Promotion drive deserves to be praised

I write as a Borderer and co-founder of a growing and successful company based in Galashiels, but operating UK-wide.

We had an important visitor from our major client, TalkTalk, recently, so we arranged for a local taxi firm, Allied Cabs, to collect and return the individual from Waverley rail station in Edinburgh.

I thought nothing more of it until last weekend when the same taxi driver took me from my home to Gala RFC to watch the Maroons soundly beat Stirling County.

During our 15-minute drive we chatted and the Waverley to Galashiels journey, which he was involved in, came into the conversation. It was then that I realised what an ambassadorial role the driver had taken during that trip.

He was friendly and convivial to the point that his passenger from Talk Talk divulged that she was an avid cook and passionate about food in her spare time. You would think that this is a normal conversation during a taxi run and when the journey was completed, so would the taxi driver’s involvement.

Well, the same driver knew that he would be returning the TalkTalk representative back to Edinburgh the following day, so, remembering the conversation, he thought what he could do in terms of promoting the local area. On his own initiative, the driver decided to purchase a Selkirk Bannock and a tin of Hawick Balls.

To many, this may seem a small random act of kindness, but I feel that it goes much further and shows an awareness that says we can all promote the area that we live in. No matter how it’s done, it will always come across as a positive to those who come as visitors to our businesses and heritage.

Raymond J. Kerr

Qube Holdings Ltd