Prime Minister trying, but pleasing nobody

It often seems that Prime Minister David Cameron tells different groups what he thinks they want to hear.

The result is that nobody knows what he truly believes, which is no doubt why the Conservatives failed to gain an overall majority at the last Westminster election.

He begged us to hug a hoodie. He rode a bicycle with a limousine following with his papers. He went off to the Arctic for a photo-shoot, but apart from providing him with a glorious holiday, it appeared to have no useful purpose whatsoever. He put a windmill on his roof which had to be removed. This did not show much business acumen or common sense, yet he is trusted with running the country.

He claimed dodgy expenses, but when this was revealed by a newspaper he immediately took a strong line against the same practices by his colleagues to deflect attention away from himself. In this he appears to have been successful.

He seems confused as to what he defines as family.

He promised a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty, but once it had been signed by all 27 member states of the European Union of the Regions and Cities, said that it was impossible.

That is not true. Legislation passed by a UK government is not legally binding on any future administration.

He is now stating that he will insist on powers being repatriated from Brussels, presumably to weaken support for UKIP. He ignores the fact that existing treaties forbid the return of powers once they have been surrendered to the EU.

I believe an exception can be made if all the other 26 countries support the submission. That, of course, is beyond the realm of possibility.

The Prime Minister is fast proving the old adage: “If you try to please everybody you please nobody”.

William W. Scott

St Baldred’s Road

North Berwick