Primary school apologises over online ‘sex pest’ false alarm

Philiphaugh Community School
Philiphaugh Community School

A Selkirk primary school has apologised for sending out a warning to parents about an alleged online sex pest as it was a false alarm apparently due to a misunderstanding.

An alert went out after a Philiphaugh Primary School pupil’s parents intercepted a chat between their daughter and what turned out to be a 60-year-old man.

Police were called in and parents were warned, but the officers were satisfied that there was no cause for concern. It appears the girl had inadvertently messaged the man thinking she was speaking to her pal.

A spokesperson for theschool said yesterday: “Following on from a notification from the school regarding personal internet safety, Police Scotland have fully investigated this case and are satisfied that there is no cause for concern.

“We apologise for any confusion or fear caused and appreciate the continued support of parents and carers to help promote safe practices with mobile technologies.”