Praise for ‘loyal and stable’ staff

Long-serving SBC staff
Long-serving SBC staff

Scottish Borders Council honoured the long service of staff at two ceremonies on Friday.

Around 200 employees attended the two sessions which were hosted by outgoing convener and employee council chairman Alasdair Hutton and held in Eildon Mill, Tweedbank.

Mr Hutton said that in the past SBC awarded staff a gift when they retired, but explained: “The employee council wanted to change the system to one which said ‘thank you for what you do while you are here’.

“The employee council came up with the idea of presenting a certificate to thank staff every five years, starting from 15 years’ service and continuing every five years until employees retire. Employees who reach 25 years can also receive a small thank-you gift of their choice. We are truly fortunate that we have such a good, long-serving workforce. Any other council would love to have a staff which is as loyal and as stable as we have.

“They have shown this council a steady loyalty which has its effect in the better quality of service we give the public in the Borders year after year.”