Powerful Borders line-up to grace Melrose 7s

Archive Sevens action involving Selkirk.
Archive Sevens action involving Selkirk.

Borders rugby clubs – including Melrose, Selkirk, Jed-Forest, Peebles, Gala, Kelso and Hawick – are all set to lock horns with their opponents at the Aberdeen Standard Investments Melrose Sevens 2019.

The clubs will take to the pitch at the Greenyards stadium on April 13, as they pit themselves against teams from across Scotland, as well as international sides from the USA, South Africa and England.

The annual sporting event is highly revered by rugby fans across the globe. The tournament attracts over 12,000 spectators every year, who travel to Melrose to watch 24 international and Scottish clubs compete to lift the coveted trophy.

Melrose Rugby Club president, Douglas Hardie, said: “Which club wouldn’t want to play Sevens in the home of rugby Sevens?

“ The Melrose Sevens is iconic. The tournament is a global phenomenon and we’re very proud to be at the heart of the tournament that started it all.”

Rugby Sevens originated in Melrose in 1883, when the sport was founded by rugby playing local butcher’s apprentice, Ned Haig, in a bid to raise funds for his Melrose team.

Since its conception, popularity for rugby Sevens has grown year on year, earning the sport the international status it has today.

The sponsor of the event, Aberdeen Standard Investments, will return for the eighth year to support the historic rugby sevens tournament in 2019.

Martin Gilbert, co-CEO of headline sponsor Aberdeen Standard Investments, said: “We are pleased to support a sport of humble beginnings which has gone on to gain legendary status in the history of rugby.

“Since its inception in Melrose in 1883, the Melrose Sevens has achieved global recognition and has become a platform, showcasing both national and international talent.

“This is an outstanding achievement in the world of rugby and is a result of Melrose’s dedication to the sport.

“We hope that, through our sponsorship, the tournament will inspire future generations to take up the sport and encourage them to aspire to be a part of it.”

For more information and to book tickets, visit www.melrose7s.com. Keep up to date with the action in your local newspapers, as well as on Facebook at www.facebook.com/melrose7s, Twitter @melrose7s and Instagram @melrose7s.