Power of the people deserves a fanfare

Galashiels Railway sign at the station.
Galashiels Railway sign at the station.

Bring it on and bring it on in style. Let there be fanfares and fireworks, singing and dancing, music and merrymaking.

Sunday is a day that many thought would never come. The railway is back. It’s back for those of an age than can remember the Waverley Route that was so cruelly axed by Beeching and closed in January 1969. It is here for those who never knew the days of the Waverley.

The arguments over the return of rail have raged for decades and it was always known that not everyone would come down on the side of the train.

Even after the Scottish Parliament agreed in 2006 – which just one dissenting voice – that the Borders could have their trains back, the arguments continued. But Holyrood considered the case closely. The Act that enabled the return took three years to pass – the longest time taken for the passing of any Bill by the Scottish Parliament.

Now is not the time to rehearse the for-and-against arguments.

The railway is here and the Queen will celebrate becoming Britain’s longest reigning monarch by taking a steeam train from the capital to give it a royal opening.

The return is being hailed as a victory for People Power.

So let the people join as one and celebrate what has been achieved against heavy odds.