Poor entries blamed on rain and apathy

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Questions have bloomed over the future of the Ettrick Flower Show after the 60th annual event was held at the Boston Hall on Saturday, August 19.

The lack of entries in the flower, vegetable and pot plant sections could be put down to the terrible weather – rain, rain and more rain – when the only things to benefit were the ducks and the midges.

However, a spokesperson for the organisers said: “The entries in all sections were down, and the remaining classes, which are not affected by a bad summer, would seem to be simply due to apathy. After consulting the community, and making many suggested changes to the show last year, it had a brief revival and was very well supported.

“However, for the show to remain viable that level of support would need to continue and the committee had agreed that they would review it year by year. It would now seem that once again there is a question as to the show’s future.

“The committee put in a tremendous amount of time and effort to stage the show, arranging the schedule and flyers and getting them printed and distributed; rearranging the hall and then decorating it, baking and sandwich making for the home-made teas.

“The event has become a very good afternoon tea, and a good opportunity for the community to get together for a catch-up. However, please let us not forget that it is firstly a flower show, and just afternoon teas would require much less organisation.

“Having said all of this, our thanks and congratulations go to the people who did enter, and produce, as always, a superb standard of work.

“Thanks also go to a very hard-working committee, who without, the show would not happen.”


Napier Cup (most points in flower section 1): Sheila Tyldesley; Thirlestane Hill Cup (best exhibit in flower section 1): Lucile Macleod; Pot Plant Trophy (most points in pot plant section 2): Sheila Tyldesley; Cacra Hill Cup (best exhibit in pot plant section 2): Thomas Bryson; Strang Steel Cup (most points in decorative section 3): Roxy Stephen; George Stephen Quaich (best exhibit in decorative section 3): Roxy Stephen; Flockfield potato trophy (most points, classes 22-24 section 4): Thomas Bryson; Macvicar Rose Bowl (most points, classes 25-35 section 4): Peter Johnson; Jack Goddard Trophy (most points, classes 36-41 section 4): Roxy Stephen; Ettrick Pen Cup (best exhibit in vegetable section 4): Thomas Bryson; James Baird Sheild (most points in baking section 5): Sarah Gorrill/Anne Turnbull; Tushielaw Cup (best exhibit in baking section 5): Sarah Gorrill; Oliver Rose Bowl (most points in preserves section 6): Sheila Tyldesley; Brockhope Cup (best exhibit in preserves section 6): Sheila Tyldesley; Andrea Ashburn Trophy (most points in photography section 7): Sheila Tyldesley; Photography Trophy (best exhibit in each class of section 7): Sheila Tyldesley; Golden Anniversary Trophy (most points in craft section 8): Alma Dowle; Ward Law Cup (best exhibit in craft section 8): Carole Howden. George Milne Trophy (best exhibit in juvenile art exhibition): Callum Hewson – who was unable to stay for the prize winners’ photograph). Jim and Joan Dodds Trophy (most points in show): Sheila Tyldesley; Jolly Scarecrow: Jim Jam and PJ Man: Sophie Speed.