Young Borderers take campaign to the wire

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Young Borders candidates are entering the final weeks of their campaigns to become Members of the Scottish Youth Parliament (MSYPs) in the forthcoming elections.

Eleven young people across the region expressed an interest in standing as a candidate to represent the young people in their local area.

The Scottish Youth Parliament (SYP) is the democratically elected voice of Scotland’s young people. It represents young people all over Scotland, and gives young Scots a national platform to voice their issues, turn them into positive actions, and influence Scotland’s decision makers.

The elections will take place on March 11, with young people casting their vote at their school to elect their local MSYP.

Speaking about the 2015 SYP elections, Louise Cameron, chairperson of the Scottish Youth Parliament said: “I am delighted that so many young people have chosen to stand as candidates in the 2015 SYP Elections. Following the high levels of political engagement and voter turnout during last year’s referendum, it is fantastic to see so many young Scots committed to ensuring young people are at the forefront of shaping our society.

“Once again, Scotland’s young people continue to prove that they are interested in being at the heart of the democratic process. Being a Member of the Scottish Youth Parliament is a truly life changing experience. I hope that everyone engages with the election campaigns taking place in their local area, and casts a vote in March for the candidate they would like to represent their views in the Scottish Youth Parliament.”

The Scottish Youth Parliament campaigns on issues that matter Scotland’s young people, and MSYPs are drivers of positive change. Through her role as an MSYP for Midlothian South, Tweeddale and Lauderdale, Nicola Pringle chaired the Education and Lifelong Learning committee in partnership with the Scottish Government on projects such as Wood Commission.

Speaking about her experience as an MSYP, Nicola said: “Being an MSYP has given me the opportunity to campaign on so many issues that matter to young people.

“I want to encourage everyone standing in the elections to make the most of this fantastic opportunity. Being an MSYP will change your life, and most importantly, it will give you the chance to change the lives of others too.

“I’ve been at the heart of campaigns which have helped to shape historic changes in our society, such as the lowering of the voting age, aye, naw, mibbe, and the implementation of policies to help young carers facing financial hardship. I am so proud of all that I have been a part of as an MSYP, and I want to wish the very best of luck to those standing as candidates in the 2015 SYP elections.”