Vulnerable families receive help to buy food

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More than 100,000 vulnerable households in Scotland, including 32,000 families with children, have received essential help to buy everyday products such as nappies, food and cookers through the Scottish Welfare Fund.

The fund consists of crisis grants – which provide a safety net to low-income households in a disaster or emergency – and community-care grants, which help people to live independently.

One in four households receiving the awards had a recorded vulnerability, such as mental health problems, were lone parents, physically disabled or suffered from a chronic illness.

In the Borders, 169 community-care grants have been handed out in the period 2014/15 so far (1/4/14 to 30/9/14), totalling £149,235.82, while 739 crisis grants have been awarded, totalling £40,447.94. People can claim more than once for an award.