Training for homeless youths

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A training course to help homeless young Borderers cope with the responsibilities of becoming tenants – and improve their employment opportunities – will take place later this year.

Scottish Borders Council is seeking interest from potential providers of the training to “young people who have recently been made homeless or who find themselves in a tenancy situation for the first time”.

Students will include referrals by the region’s main registered social landlords – SBHA, Eildon, Waverley and Berwickshire – all of whom have signed up to the initiative.

The optimum number of youngsters on the course, which is expected to last from 8-12 weeks, will be 15 and the training will also run in 2018 on dates still to be finalised at an “easily accessible location” in the Borders.

“At the end of last year, the council was successful in bidding for European structure funds to support projects which target the employability skills of disadvantaged people in the Borders,” said a spokesperson for SBC.

“Among the projects to benefit is ‘Keys to Employment’ which has been specifically designed for homeless or potentially homeless people.

“This is designed to build confidence and personal effectiveness and give individuals skills and knowledge so they can make informed choices regarding their future as they make the transition from homelessness.

“This course, developed with the council’s homelessness team, will give the young people the skills and knowledge to manage a tenancy and balance their budgets, as well as improving their employability skills and job prospects.

“The council previously ran a similar course in partnership with SBHA which was successful and resulted in several young people being able to take up employment opportunities.”