Moore claims Scots better off together

Borders MP Michael Moore has welcomed research which claims every Scottish man, woman and child benefits from a £1,400 dividend for being part of the UK.

The study is part of the Scotland Analysis Paper series that Mr Moore launched during his time as Secretary of State for Scotland.

Compiled by the Treasury over 18 months and based on independent forecasts and modelling, the launch of the research comes the day before Mr Moore’s next independence public meeting, as part of his Road to Referendum campaign, which will take place tonight at 7pm in Coldstream Town Hall.

Commenting on the launch of the research, Mr Moore said: “Today the UK Government has shown that by staying together, Scotland’s future will be safer, with stronger finances and a more progressive society.

“Borderers are £1,400 better off as part of the UK.

“That dividend is our share of a more prosperous future. It is the money that will pay for better public services, our children’s future and a fairer society.

“I am looking forward to discussing the financial implications of independence, as well as other important factors, with members of the local community in Coldstream in the next stage of my campaign”.