Low-income families benefit from scheme

The Scottish Government’s Council Tax Reduction scheme is helping to support 9,500 low-income households in the Borders, according to SNP MSP Christine Grahame.

New figures for the last year show that more than 200,000 pensioners throughout Scotland who would otherwise have seen bills rise have been protected as part of the scheme.

When the Westminster Government abolished Council Tax Benefit in 2013, the Scottish Government and local authorities stepped in to replace it with the Council Tax Reduction scheme. On average, those benefiting from the scheme receive an average reduction of £12.76 per week to their Council Tax bills.

Ms Grahame said: “The Council Tax Reduction scheme has benefitted absolutely thousands of low-income households in my constituency and throughout Scotland who would otherwise have faced higher bills when Westminster abolished Council Tax Benefit.

“It shows just why it is so important that Scotland gains responsibility for tax and welfare issues that go well beyond what has been put forward to date.

“The SNP will continue to do what we can to make Scotland a fairer, more prosperous country.”