Hustings - economy

Berwickshire, Roxburgh, Selkirk SNP candidate Calum Kerr
Berwickshire, Roxburgh, Selkirk SNP candidate Calum Kerr

The economy was first out the starting blocks at Monday’s hustings, with a member of the audience wanting to know how the SNP would fund plans for their proposed 0.5% increase in spending every year for the next five years.

SNP candidate Calum Kerr discussed the economy, where the coalition had gone wrong and what plans the SNP had to boost the economy but had to be pushed to answer where the money would come from.

“Economists state that austerity has done damage to the UK economy and has made things worse,” said Mr Kerr. “It has strangled the life out of the economy.

“What we are proposing is modest additional spending which will put money into the economy,” he added before finally saying that to do all this they would borrow the money.

“I don’t think the SNP economics add up,” said John Lamont. “They may think money grows on trees in the world of SNP but I know it doesn’t.”

Michael Moore was equally concerned about the SNP’s plans for the economy.

“I don’t understand where the SNP think we will take the national debt,” he said. “We have got to get the books balanced.”