Hawick post office set to reopen after shock closure

Councillor Watson McAteer at the Post Office at Sandbed.Councillor Watson McAteer at the Post Office at Sandbed.
Councillor Watson McAteer at the Post Office at Sandbed.
The post offce in Sandbed, Hawick, is set to reopen this week after it was suddenly closed over the weekend.

Post Office bosses say that a new postmaster has been recruited and that they hope the post office will reopen tomorrow.

They say the unannounced closure last week was due to circumstances beyond their control.

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But it meant residents were temporarily faced with a four-mile round trip to the Burnfoot post office in Kenilworth Avenue, which offered fewer services and had shorter opening hours.

The shock shutdown is caused consternation among customers and politicians.

This week those representing the town welcomed the promise that services will soon resume at Sandbed.

Hawick and Hermitage councillor Watson McAteer said: “The news that the Sandbed Post office will be fully functioning from next week is very welcome news for Hawick and the local community.

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“This very positive action by the Post Office will mitigate the unexpected closure that has impacted all in the community but most specifically the elderly who have struggled to use the Burnfoot alternative.”

Fellow councillor Davie Paterson warned that it could be a case of “use it or lose it” going forward.

“It’s fantastic news for the people that I represent if it does open again,” he said.

“I have made representations to officers about the real hardship that this post office has caused to a lot of my constituents.

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“I would urge people to please use it because we don’t want to lose this facility it is a real boon to many of the people that I represent.”

Councillor George Turnbull added: “This will be of great relief to so many members of the public and local businesses alike.

“I am sure this facility will be well used and hope this facility can grow and develop as soon as possible.”

Hawick and Denholm councillor Stuart Marshall added: “Townsfolk will be thrilled by this news and if there’s one thing that has came out of this sorry episode is the fact that it has shown how vulnerable our community is when having to rely on such a vital service.

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“I do hope that lessons have been learned and that should our post office service in the town be reduced without notice again then plans are put in place to mitigate such an impact.”

John Lamont MP added: “I am delighted that this has been sorted out so quickly by the Post Office, with minimal impact on post office users in Hawick.

“I was in touch with managers at the Post Office first thing this week and pressing home the need for services to be up and running quickly. It is great news that a new postmaster has now been found.

“And with a new Post Office also set to open on Dickson Street next month, Hawick is going to be well served going forward.

“With bank closures and the loss of other important services, it is really important that local post offices are retained and people are able to access their pensions and bank accounts locally.”