Hawick Community Council urged to get on with matters in hand

Hawick and Denholm councillor Clair Ramage.
Hawick and Denholm councillor Clair Ramage.

Hawick Community Council members have been urged to get back to serving its townspeople.

Hawick and Denholm councillor Clair Ramage told more than 200 Teries she’s been given “no issues to sort” since the rearrangement of the community council in February.

Last week’s meeting came to an abrupt close less than five minutes into the public forum after vice-chairman Graham Marshall, at the helm of the meeting over chairwoman Gillian Morgan, who said she had lost her voice, deemed the meeting too unruly to continue.

However, former vice-chairman Cameron Knox agreed to calls for him to chair an informal public meeting immediately afterwards.

Concerns about the way the council has been run of late were shared amid calls for a vote of no confidence in the current committee.

Sharing her concerns, Ms Ramage said: “Since I was elected two years ago I have five community councils that I work with, and it’s just been a joy.

“I started with Marion Short, then I had Ian Turnbull and then Cameron. The whole point in a councillor is to pick up issues and sort them for the community. That is the bottom line.

“To be honest, since the rearrangement of our community council, and I have missed the last two meetings I must admit, I have never been given any issues to sort.

“And for me that’s dreadful, and it needs to be addressed. That’s why we were all elected ... to support our local community.”

Seven new faces joined the council at a by-election after former chairman Ian Turnbull stood down, alongside secretary Liz Adams and veteran member Jim Little.

They join Duncan Taylor and Drew Dickson, previously co-opted members of the council but now full members, and Mr Knox, Andy Maybury, French Wight, Jan Robertson and John Wilkinson.