£17M care firm leader sought – for £5K a year

The search is on for a chairperson to lead the board of management of the new company which will deliver adult care services in the region from April 1.

A deadline of this Sunday has been set for applications, with interviews due to take place on March 25.

The successful candidate will lead the board of SB Cares, a limited liability company (LLP) wholly owned by the council, which will have an annual budget of £17million and employ nearly 1,000 full and part-time staff, who will transfer, with terms and conditions intact, from the council, which currently provides the services.

The job description does not specify how many hours the chair will have to work, but states the post carries no salary, although he or she will be entitled to “an annual payment as well as expenses”.

When pressed on this, a council spokesperson said: “The chair of SBC Cares will receive a nominal payment of around £5,000 which is in line with similar positions of this nature.”

The governance arrangements for the new company, which will compete for clients with private and independent providers, were clarified at last week’s full council meeting.

The board of management, which will be “responsible for all aspects of the LLP and its business”, will comprise a chair, a managing director, 
a finance and commercial 
director and a head of operations, along with “up to 
five additional persons with the skills, knowledge or 
experience deemed necessary or useful to the board in fulfilling its obligations and functions”.

Philip Barr, the council’s £105,000 a year depute chief executive, has been seconded to take the role of interim managing director for up to 18 months, while another SBC employee, Debbie Collins, will act as interim finance and commercial director for a shorter period.

“Remaining appointments to the SB Cares board will be sought once a chair has been recruited,” said the SBC spokesperson.

Although there will be no elected members of SBC on the board, the company will be monitored by a Strategic Governance Group (SGG), a sub-committee of the council, which will meet the board every three months.

That group’s approval will be required for all contracts and transactions worth more than £50,000 and any cuts or additions to the services offered by the company.

The approval of the full council will be required on all staffing matters affecting terms and conditions, including potential compulsory redundancies and any changes to pension arrangements.