Politics would decide Scotland’s EU fate

Again the matter of whether First Minister Alex Salmond has received a legal opinion or not regarding Scotland’s relationship with the European Union of the Regions and Cities is hitting the headlines.

Why the fuss? What he has been advised is irrelevant as it will be a political decision, not a legal one, that will decide that relationship.

There may well be a legal argument that Scotland will retain membership of the EU after separation from the UK, but there has never been a similar case. So if indeed that is the advice he has been given, it is likely to be contested.

A decision will have to come from Brussels and with 27 countries involved it will definitely be a political, not a legal, one. Of course that will certainly not be made until separation has taken place as EU authorities will not discuss a hypothetical situation that might never arise.

If the people of Scotland support the SNP in the referendum, Scotland will be free of both Westminster and Brussels. This will please those who wish to live in a truly independent Scotland, but that is certainly not what is being offered by Alex Salmond. Indeed, he is becoming more like Prime Minister David Cameron by the day since nobody knows what he believes in.

William W. Scott

St Baldred’s Road

North Berwick

I am not an expert on the EU, but there is a considerable amount of supposition being bandied about as to whether First Minister Alex Salmond has legal information about Scotland’s position regarding the EU.

This, of course, is a load of bull since the decision will be political. For example, Greece, as with others, is in default of EU membership requirements and should be expelled. But no way will the politicians allow this to happen – legal or otherwise, as it would open the floodgates for others to default on their requirements, perhaps Ireland.

William S. McGeary