Political poster ban dangers

I refer to the article on page 7 of The Southern last week: “Councillor promoting poster ban denies any political motive”.

It is with a degree of trepidation that I read of the proposal to ban all political posters from lampposts at the election.

As a member of the electorate who has not yet decided whom to vote for, surely it is a right under the Representation of the People Act to be fully informed about who is running. I make this point because I had made up my mind which party to vote for in a previous council election and when I got to the polling station realised that the party hadn’t fielded any candidates for the ward.

Although there is an issue over the delay in posters being removed following an election, surely it is of the utmost importance that the electorate are given a clear indication as to who is running.

The proposal to ban posters impedes that process and is of grave concern. I sincerely hope that the proposal is rejected.

Richard Raw, Maxton

Editor’s note: The poster ban was approved: story, Page 11