Policy poser over chief executive’s departure

The one thing that puzzles me regarding ex-Scottish Borders Council chief executive David Hume’s exit deal is why this hasn’t been done in line with council policy.

I received an early retiral package from another local authority, but in order for the proposal to be accepted, my manager had to make a business case which showed the savings to be made if I was to leave. These savings were found by not replacing me – i.e. my post was made redundant thereby the council could save my salary, pension etc. in perpetuity.

Since Mr Hume’s post was not made redundant, how can SBC justify enhanced payments to be made on his leaving. If he had just left his post or retired under normal procedures, no enhancement was due and he would leave with his normal pension rights.

I wish Mr Hume a long and happy retirement, but believe the council must be transparent in how it spends taxpayers’ money.

Irene Paterson

Salisbury Avenue