Police step up probe as cannabis haul seized

Curror Street, Selkirk
Curror Street, Selkirk

Police are understood to be stepping up an investigation into cannabis farming in 
Selkirk after seizing 500 plants worth up to £360,000.

A 23-year-old man, Hang Phan Vo, has been charged under the Misuse of Drugs Act following Monday’s swoop on a derelict building, yards 
from Selkirk’s Knowepark 
Primary School.

cannabis plant

cannabis plant

The drugs bust comes a year after police seized 2,000 cannabis plants, worth £700,000 to £1.8million, from the derelict Queen’s Head pub in October last year.

“There are others they may have an interest in,” said Councillor Michelle Ballantyne. “The police are on the case.”

“They’ll be asking questions,” she said: “Is it the same gang? It’s important police look at all the angles.

“They’ll be looking for 
the source – not the little 
men who water every day – but the men at the top 
who finance and drive it.”

Officers in Selkirk carried out Monday’s search of a property in Curror Street as part of Operation Borah – an ongoing campaign to tackle cannabis cultivations in 
the Scottish Borders.

Ballantyne added: “It doesn’t relate to local people. In both cases, these farms have been discovered with community help.

“Selkirk won’t put up with it. It shows how 
vigilant the community has to be, particularly where there are empty buildings.”