Police demote the Borders

As a former police civilian employee I found it interesting to read that under the new Scottish Police Force, we have a new chief superintendent who will also be responsible for the Lothians. This grouping is the current size of the entire Lothian and Borders force headed by a chief constable and deputies.

Since the formation of Lothians and Borders Police, here in the Borders, G Division, we have had our own chief superintendent but now under the new arrangements we will only have a chief inspector, at two ranks lower than a chief superintendent, as our most senior officer.

I feel strongly that this is a diminution of service and no 
way in an organisation responsible for the policing of over five 
million people and with strict protocols in place, will a chief inspector be able to fight the Borders corner, population 112,000, in the heady and charged 
corridors of power of the new Scottish Police Force where politics are played, and that the sometimes unique needs of the Borders will be sidelined.

The new force comes into being on April 1 and I hope that date is not prophetic and we don’t end up being led by fools.

Susan Hill

Ettrickhaugh Road, Selkirk