Police confirm warden cut in Christmas Eve letter

A Christmas Eve letter from Assistant Chief Constable Wayne Mawson to stakeholders has revealed that traffic wardens will go in February.

The service is being removed by Police Scotland as part of cost-cutting measures, despite an appeal from the council for a two-year delay to enable staff to investigate an alternative system.

ACC Mawson said the service will stop on February 3, but added: “There are a small number of ongoing negotiations in relation to extending this service in particular circumstances.”

However, an SBC spokesman said the council is not involved in these negotiations.

John Lamont MSP said the removal of the wardens without an appropriate replacement service will likely cause ‘traffic chaos’.

He said: “To try and sneak this announcement out on Christmas Eve in an attempt to hide it is a cynical move and proves that Police Scotland know that this is a controversial move.

“The removal of traffic wardens will be dreadful for areas like the Borders and will leave us with little or no parking enforcement in the region.”

Mr Lamont added: “The council understandably asked for more time to find an alternative to enforce parking, but this snap decision has left them with no time whatsoever to find a solution.

“Police Scotland need to urgently rethink this decision before our town centres become clogged with illegally parked cars.”