Poetic juice-tice at orchard

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The fruit at Crailing Community Orchard now sounds as good as it tastes, with a series of 27 short poems commissioned for each variety growing within.

Poet Ken Cockburn has writted the haiku-esque verses to celebrate the different apple and pear varieties.

The poems are being produced as identification labels for the trees and are also been printed as a series of small cards.

Ken said: “I was fascinated to research the traditional varieties of apples and pears which grow at Crailing.

“Each variety is unique, with its own taste, colouring, shape, size and origin – whether by way of a grower’s planning, or the result of a happy accident. I hope the poems offer insights into each fruit’s back-story. Now it’s time to pick them I’m also looking forward to tasting them!”

This poem celebrates the local apple variety – White Melrose.

Remembering the riverside

Orchards raised and tended

By white-robed monks

Another of the poems has been addressed to the orchard scrumpers, inviting them to join the group – To the Scrumpers.

Community sustains the root

Shared labour sweetens the fruit –

Join us in the orchard group!

Orchard events and work days at Crailing are great fun. People work hard, learn new skills, enjoy some exercise outdoors and share food, thoughts and stories. 

One way to get involved is to join the Crailing Community Orchard work days.

Generally, these take place once a month on a Sunday and are announced on the FaceBook page – /www.facebook.com/crailingcommunityorchard

Whether you have orchard experience, are looking to gain some or just want to be involved in a great community endeavour, everyone is welcome.

The poetry collection will be launched at Apple Day on Sunday, October 9, at Harestanes Countryside Visitors Centre, near Ancrum.