Poet puts the boot into town

I was amazed and angry when reading through the normally-excellent Jed Callant’s Festival Guide to find a poem that was so negative, pessimistic and misleading about Jedburgh.

Can someone please explain how this was allowed to happen?

To say that the town hall only opened its doors once a year for the flower show is wrong. It did not take me long to discover that over the last six months the hall has been used at least 35 times. I myself go every Wednesday, along with up to 35 other people, for a gentle-exercise class.

How can the poet say the town is “deid”. Of the 43 properties in High Street, only three are vacant. This does not sound like a dead town to me.

I suppose he thinks of me as an “interloper”, although I have lived and loved living in Jedburgh for more than 40 years. Yes, I am on committees, but not through “taking over” anything. I help on committees because I believe in what they are doing and am willing to take part.

For a community to work, people have to be willing to help, whether or not they are born in the area.

It would be interesting to know if the poet actually lives in Jedburgh and, if so, contributes anything at all to the town.

The people who do work hard for the betterment of Jedburgh must find this vitriolic attack very insulting.

Catherine Turner