Please help to fight the menace of meningitis

Every year about 757 people living in Scotland fall victim to meningitis. At the Meningitis Trust, we help local families rebuild their lives after the disease.

To support everybody who needs us and meet the increased demand for our free services, we doubled the number of our community support officers who work across the country and in your area. Our commitment is to provide support for life to everyone affected by meningitis. Our urgent challenge is to fund it.

To reach out to those who need us takes £8,000 a day – more than £5 every minute.

More people than ever before need our support and this means we need more people than ever before to support us. Can you help with a donation this Christmas and change the lives of others in your community in their time of need?

Help us make sure victims of meningitis don’t have to suffer alone. Donate on our website at or text MENT05 £5 (or any amount up to £10) to 70070 now to start making a difference.

Thank you, we can’t achieve this alone.

Sue Davie (chief executive)

and Jo Stevenson (regional fundraising officer)

Meningitis Trust