Plans revealed for new retail unit in Melrose High Street

Melrose High Street.
Melrose High Street.

Plans have been announced to help revitalise Melrose High Street.

Scottish Borders Council has received a planning application from Galashiels-based CWP Roslimil Properties for the creation of a retail and office unit to the rear of the former Co-op building on land to the west of 19 Buccleuch Street.

The site is considered something of an eyesore, and CWP says the plans will help increase pedestrian footfall and enhance the vitality and viability of the town centre.

A spokesperson for CWP said: “The site is located on the western side of Melrose High Street.

“Currently, the area is redundant backland with a partially-demolished wall facing the street.

“The proposal sits in a vacant pocket of backland hidden behind a somewhat-uninspiring wall line that has been eroded over time.

“The proposal seeks to redevelop the lands in question and bring further active street frontage to Buccleuch Street.

“It will create a small commercial unit that will serve the ever-decreasing demand for retail or business uses within Melrose town centre.

“It will create an efficient re-use of the space and encourage greater pedestrian footfall.

“It will also have a net enhancement to the conservation area by way of removing the degraded wall along the frontage, enhancing the vitality and viability of Melrose town centre and also bolster the local economy by creating employment.”

If approved, the plans could give the town centre a further boost following the recent news that the Royal Bank of Scotland has put on hold plans to shut its High Street branch.

The bank is one of 10 being given a reprieve in response to the outcry sparked by RBS’s announcement in December that it was planning to shut 62 branches nationwide.